One Dead, Another Injured in a Fatal Accident in Oye-Ekiti


By Oluwapelumi Oginni

The Oye community of Ekiti State has witnessed yet another accident.

The fatal accident occurred at about 3:30pm on Saturday, the 13th of April and involved two okada riders and a Golf driver.

According to Ayomide, an eyewitness, the accident led to the death of one man and the severe injury of the other.

He said that one of the okada riders was trying to join the major road from Idofin while the other was trying to enter Idofin.

They both crashed into one another and fell off their motorcycles. As a result of the crash, one of them ended up on the major road and his head was subsequently crushed by an oncoming Golf car.

He added that the driver of the Golf car did not wait.

The bike man was confirmed dead while the other was rushed to the hospital.

Speaking on the reaction of the police to this accident, Ayomide said “the policemen didn’t arrive on time. They came about 20minutes after the accident occurred to carry the two affected parties.”

Another witness at the scene, Ajayi Opeyemi said she saw the accident occur.

She said “the two bike men hit each other and that force threw one of them on the road”.

“He fell under the tires of an oncoming car and the car zoomed over him. He died on the spot”, she added.

She hopes the second bike rider survives it because he was rushed to the hospital with blood dripping from his head.


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