BREAKING: FUOYESU Social Director suspended till further notice; SRC to sit on it


By Iretomiwa Dele-Yusuff

Olugbeje Promise, the Social Director of the Student Union Government, FUOYE, has been supposedly suspended till further notice.

This decision was taken on Thursday, the 9th of May at a meeting around 11am after a vote of no confidence was passed on him by the members of the executive council.

It should be recalled that UCJ FUOYE had earlier reported how controversy arose over 1.8 million spent for Freshers’ Night and how the Social Director gave the SRC 100,000 Naira.

Speaking with UCJ FUOYE, the President of the union, Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel said that a vote of no confidence was passed by the executives.

He said “he has been suspended till we get a clear view about what is going on. The main reason for the suspension is that he gave the Student Representative Council the sum of a hundred thousand naira without our consent”.

“His actions have tarnished the image of the union and we arrived at the conclusion that his position should be suspended. Letters to this effect will be forwarded to the SRC and Students’ Affairs Division by Monday.”

“As a matter of fact, the SUG can’t finalize the suspension until the SRC has certified it. It will be suggested to the Council and finalized. For now, he should not organize any events under the name of the union”, he concluded.

Adeleye Adedapo, the Vice President of the union also confirmed the action taken by the executives.

“He has been suspended due to the fact that there is zero confidence in him after his sole decision to give the SRC one hundred thousand naira”, he said.

Anifowose Sulaimon, the Speaker of the Student Representative Council claims to have not been informed about this decision. He said he believes it to be just rumours.

“If the rumour is actually real, we will have to go back to the constitution. I have read the constitution three or four times and I don’t know where it is written that an elected official has the power to suspend another elected official. If there is going to be a suspension, it should be by the SRC and not by the executives.”

Speaking about the one hundred thousand naira given to the council by Olugbeje Promise, he said “we got the money as a sort of honorarium. He said he gave it to the house from his own personal pocket as a sign of gratitude. He was grateful that we approved the 1.8 million naira budget which he presented for the freshers’ night”.

When contacted, Olugbeje Promise, the suspended FUOYESU social said that the issue is still under consideration.

He said, “I can’t say for certain that I have been suspended. I think they want to suspend me because of the rumours online. Everybody is blaming me for so many things which I have no idea about. Some are saying mismanagement of funds, some said I don’t carry the SUG along in my decisions. There is really no concrete reason for my suspension.”

He concluded by saying, “anyway, it’s part of the things an individual has to face in unionism.”


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