Amidst Controversy over Sales of Tickets for Fresher’s Night, AGS; Finance Chairperson Speak


By Samuel Ajala

Amidst controversy over the sales of tickets for the FUOYESU Fresher’s night held on the 5th of April 2019, the Assistant General Secretary, Lasisi Ojo Samuel and Chairperson, Finance Committee, Alabi Opeyemi have reacted.

Clarifying the sales of tickets he claimed to not have sold more tickets than the amount he remitted.

It should be recalled that the AGS when defending the sales of ticket said that 439 tickets were sold in total contrary to the claims of the Welfare Director, Ayeni Damilola, that he was sure there were “1,300 ticket holders” at the event.

Lasisi said that the Welfare director must have made a mistake because not all the people in the hall bought tickets from him (Lasisi).

He said that he recruited six people to help him in the sales of tickets. According to him, “as they were selling, I was collecting the money, in which the president was a witness to that event”

“When the tickets finished, I told the president. I had to go to phase 2 to get the other tickets. I don’t know if people were allowed to enter when I left”.

“When I came back, I saw a cadet that was collecting money from someone that almost led to a fight between I and the SRC monitoring team.”

“At the end of the day I was told that the people inside was (were) more than the tickets I sold. When the program finished in the morning I left my house around 10/11 and I went to the committee of finance house and I dropped the ticket that were left (I went to drop the remaining unsold tickets the next day).”

“Some people might have entered into the hall through the door that was not locked. What I noticed was that I saw a guy that entered and I asked him where is the stamp and when he couldn’t show the police sent him away (When I noticed that a guy entered without his ticket, the police sent him out).”

Speaking to UCJ FUOYE, the Chairperson of the finance committee of the Students Representative Council, Hon. Alabi Opeyemi, opposed the claim that only about 400 tickets were sold that day.

Although, she confirmed that the remaining tickets were returned to the finance committee after the event.

“Basically what I saw that day wasn’t the outcome that we were given. The AGS claimed he sold 400 tickets at the rate of N500 of which he made more than 2000 copies ticket. We asked him to make 2000 copies of ticket whether you want to sell for VIP or not . Let the copies of your ticket be 2000 from there you will decide the category. He made more than 2000 copies of ticket of which he claimed he sold just 400 ticket. The crowd there was definitely more than 400. Where he is getting his own figures from I don’t know”, she said.

“Based on what I saw that day, at least 1,500 people should be in the hall”, she concluded.


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