What is the Fate of the Unity Cup?


By Ayobami Olutaiwo

The Unity Cup is a football competition organised by the FUOYESU Sport Director. It started some weeks ago and had 29 departments as teams that registered with the sum of #5000 each to be able to participate in the competition.

The registration fee was to cater for the smooth running of the activities during the competition and to provide awards and benefits to the winners, said the Sport Director.

The competition which has the departments of Economics and Political Science as the two teams to battle for the cup at the final match has however come to an abrupt halt with the final match yet-to-be played.

Different people have reacted to this.

Speaking to UCJ FUOYE, the sport director for the department of Political Science, Komolafe Charles Olumuyiwa, expressed his view as regards the competition.

According to him the competition was not well organised. He said: at the beginning it was good but when it got to the middle of the tournament, it was frustrating.

“We will definitely play it. I do not know how the organizer is going to do it because the whole teams including Economics and Political Science are looking forward to it”.

“In fact, if not because of the situation of things, my team would have preferred to have the final match played in this just concluded semester”, he added.

Efforts to get through to the Economics sport director proved abortive.

Joseph Oyedele, the Director of Sport of English and literary studies, also expressed his dissatisfaction towards the structure of the competition.

He said there is no provision for the third place which his team could have competed to win against Agric education team.

When contacted, the FUOYESU Sport Director, Oke Opeyemi, apologized to all the teams that participated in the football competition.

According to him, the sole aim of the competition is to unite all the departments together as one — both Oye and Ikole campuses.

He furthered by giving the analysis of how the money collected from each department was spent.

“There are 29 teams that participated in the competition and each team paid the sum of #5000 as registration fee. This amounted to #145,000 as the total generated and for this kind of competition to go smoothly, a lot have to be put in place”, he said.

“We bought 2 balls at the rate of #16,000 for the matches proper; 2 canopies with chairs at #5000 daily was rented for the supporters to sit on for 7days which amounted to #35000. Making of 2 banners for #15000 and a rented post net for #10000.”

“Also, the officials on duty through out the match collected #45,000 with an extra #5,000 for their feeding and well-being which amounts to #50,000. The typing and printing of letters to request for support and miscellaneous covers #10,000.”

The total of all these expenditure equals #136,000.

“The balance as you can see can not play a final match”, he said.

He therefore blamed the inability to play the final on the insufficiency of funds.

He however added that “we are seeking the help of the Students’ Union Government in providing for the needs to complete the match by second semester”.

“The likes of medals for the winners and if possible a team jersey would be provided”, he added.

He therefore promised to organise the final match between the two teams as soon as he gets the needed help from the SUG next semester. “I know the match is not a success yet until the end” he added.


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