‘Fake’ consulting firm allegedly dupes FUOYE students with scholarship scam


By Ajala Samuel Akindele

A consulting firm supposedly called JK Consulting Nigeria Limited has allegedly duped students of Federal University Oye-Ekiti of money to access Fortress of Hope Foundation Educational Youth Development Fund scholarship.

According to investigation by UCJ FUOYE, One Mr Benjamin, from JK consulting firm in Lagos introduced and encouraged students in July, 2018 to apply for the scholarship with an e-passport with the hope of getting at least 15,000 Naira from the scholarship package.

Students who were to be a beneficiary of this scheme were asked to pay 2000 Naira for the e-passport to get qualified to participate in the scholarship scheme.

However, a year after, students that actually participated in the scholarship scheme by paying 2000 Naira didn’t get a feedback from the organization nor a refund of their money.

Through our investigation, it was discovered that Fortress of Hope Foundation Educational Youth Development Fund has a Facebook page online and it is not registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as claimed as an NGO, after a thorough search on the website.

According to our investigation, the Pastor of Christ House Church Oye-Ekiti, Reverend KC Williams introduced the scholarship scheme to his church members and students of Federal University Oye-Ekiti which all participants paid the sum of 2000 to get an e-passport to be a beneficiary of.

However, some students have expressed displeasure over the unavailability of the scholarship benefits as well as the supposed electronic passport they paid for since last year July.

Speaking to UCJ FUOYE, a campus fellowship president in 300 level who refused to disclose his identity narrated how the pastor introduced him to the scholarship opportunity and collected 2000 naira for an electronic passport from the people he brought to register.

“Sometimes, last year a certain man of God told me about an opportunity that was presently available and brought about by a certain non governmental organization called Fortress of Hope Foundation. He told me they have a certain programme of giving scholarship to students on all campuses in Nigeria”, he said.

“He said we don’t really need any money to pay for the scholarship but the package of the scholarship is just something that is actually big. The NGO intends giving money to students from campuses across Nigeria from the range of 15,000 upward but we don’t need to pay for any registration or whatsoever. All we need to do is to pick the form and register”, he continued.

“It was said to me that part of the things we need to present for the registration is an e-passport. In FUOYE we don’t use e-passport as I was told but the man of God told me in other campuses they use e-passport not actually a physical passport. So he said to make this e-passport we will need 2000 and he said he can make it available instead of us going to Lagos to submit”, he said.

He also added that he used his influence as the campus fellowship President to make thirty of his members apply for the scholarship by paying 2000 for an electronic passport but since last year they have not gotten any feedback from the pastor.

“The issue I have is that if the scholarship will not work under fortress of hope then the electronic passport that we paid 2000 for should be given to us as and when due but it wasn’t given to us”.

“What I want is that since the scholarship program is not working he should simply give us the electronic passport or perhaps return our money”, he said.

Another student identified as Emmanuel Animasahun, from educational management department narrated how he paid 2500 naira alongside with his four friends to get the electronic passport so they could register for the scholarship scheme which eventually was to no avail.

Since last year they have not gotten the e-passport nor the scholarship funds.

According to him, “the programme came up last year, according to what they said, it is a Federal Government programme that is being organized by an organization. They came through Pastor KC Williams in FUOYE. So we all registered when we heard about”.

He added that “the programme is for undergraduate . According to what they said we were supposed to get 15,000 or 30,000 for educational support from the programme. To be a beneficiary we were asked to pay 2,500 for an e-passport. Which we did and it is almost a year now and we have not heard anything”.


When Pastor KC Williams was contacted, he confirmed he told students to register for the scholarship scheme.

He said part of the requirement was to use an electronic passport which he had to tell the students to get 2000 naira to get it so they can register for the scholarship based on what he was told.

He revealed that one Mr Benjamin from Fortress of Hope Educational and Youth Development Foundation introduced him to the scholarship scheme that will benefit christian students.

“He asked me to get people that could do electronic passport. I made calls to Lagos and I was told 5,000 and I was like student cannot afford that money. Later he (Mr Benjamin) called me and told me the reason he asked me to make enquiries is so that I won’t think he is lying”.

He added that he negotiated with the Direct iMage guy for 1700, he used 100 for snapping of passport to send to the man and he paid his boys that coordinated the process with the remaining 200 from the money that was why the students paid 2000 to get it.

“I paid the first part of the money about 120,000 to the man’s (e-passport guy) account, the second part was the balance of 87,000 naira that was paid into the account. About 140 students registered for the stuff. We have made calls and we have not gotten feedback”, he said.

“He himself (Mr Benjamin) introduced me to this and he gave me an address to go to at Ikorodu, when I went there the place was not existence. He told me the office was located opposite Laspotech. I couldn’t even locate the building,” he continued.

“I asked for JK consulting from people around the area but I was told it wasn’t existing there. I called him and he was not picking my call. He didn’t respond to my Whatsapp chat since then. He told me he has been sacked. That guy sounded very convincing and intelligent to me that I couldn’t become suspicious. He still post on Whatsapp and I usually view his status”, he added.

When Mr Benjamin the man who introduced Pastor KC Williams to the scholarship was contacted, he made it clear he no longer works with the firm but he confirmed the firm is JK Consulting Nig Ltd and he said precisely the one at Lagos.

“I don’t work in that firm again, I made it clear to the participant that I don’t work there again. The person who is the leader of the group of people who applied for that programme I didn’t know him from Adam. I get his update and status on social media. I just like him. I told him I am going to look for a way to pay him up back for the loss or financial inconveniences”.

However, when he was asked about who his boss was he refused to disclose anything about it.

When one Mr Abubakar Shaibu, the man paid to produce the electronic passport was contacted he refused to disclose any information while several attempts to reach him again to speak on phone or via text messages proved abortive.


Through investigation it was discovered that JK. Consulting, is a registered private company in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 with registration number 627261. The company is engaged in the provision of high quality professional consulting services backed up with a wide spectrum of experienced professionals.

However, when the company at Abuja was contacted, the Manager identified as Mr. Yomi Adetila refuted all allegations and disengaged the company from the purported scholarship scheme.

“No, it’s not us. I don’t know about any Fortress of Foundation. Please, it’s not us. Send me the details so we can get to the root”, he said.


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