NASS Election: Students’ Affairs Screening Committee Disqualifies Omofoye, Electoral Committee Allows Him to Present Manifesto


By Helena Idiovo and Folakemi Olaniyan

The Students’ Affairs screening committee of the Federal University Oye Ekiti has disqualified Adetola Omofoye from contesting for the post of President in the forth coming election of the National Association of Science Students (NASS).

Omofoye served as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the recently disbanded Student Union government and he recently declared interest in contesting for the position of president of National Association Of Science Students’ (NASS).

On Tuesday, the 26th of November, 2019, a screening was held for all faculty aspirants. Subsequently, in a memo signed by Dr Dosu Malomo who is the Dean of Student Affairs and Chairman of the Screening Committee for all Faculties’ elections, said Adetola Omofoye cannot contest in the election. This is because he had been previously indicted by the school disciplinary committee which barred him from contesting any Union’s election in the school.

The memo read, “the committee noticed that Adetola Omofoye who is contesting for the position of president has been previously indicted by a university committee which recommended that he is not fit to contest any union election in the University. Therefore, he is disqualified from the contest.”

In reaction to the disqualification, the Science Students Representative Council (SSRC) through its speaker, Ajibare Samuel and Clerk, Ogundipe Moses, called upon the Faculty of Science Electoral Committee to postpone the election till all issues surrounding the disqualification of the former SUG PRO are resolved.

The SSRC also directed the Electoral Committee to write to the University Students’ Affairs division requesting an explanation for disqualifying Omofoye from contesting the election. According to the council, this is for proper documentation.

The press release also stated that “the Electoral Committee should release the results of all screened aspirants.”

In addition, the SSRC requested that the Clerk of the SRC, Babatunde Sunday who is a presidential aspirant in the election come before the council to defend his role in the “N100,000 bribe collection, forgery of signature among others, while serving as the Clerk of SRC.”

Despite the disqualification of Adetola Omofoye and the call to book of Babatunde Sunday, the two presidential aspirants were allowed to present their manifestoes along with other aspirants on Wednesday, the 27th of the month.

Omofoye Adetola was seen wearing a flowing agbada complete with a red cap while Babatunde Sunday was garbed in a suit with a tie to match.

Speaking with Ajibare Samuel, he said that allowing the disqualified aspirant and Babatunde Sunday to present their manifestoes was the decision of the Electoral committee.

He also said “according to the screening results conducted according to our constitution, no candidate was disqualified. So thereafter, the Students’ Affairs conducted their screening exercise and disqualified Omofoye. About the screening exercise conducted by the school, I don’t want to say much about that.”

According to him, investigations about Omofoye’s disqualification are still ongoing and the SSRC have requested that the election be postponed till the investigations have been completed.

In another development, the Electoral Committee for the election announced that the election which was earlier slated for the 28th of November has been “postponed till further notice” due to the ongoing investigations as regards Omofoye’s disqualification.


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