ABOUT Union of Campus Journalists (FUOYE)

The above-named is the central collective organ for all journalism bodies in Federal University Oye-Ekiti. The Association of Campus Journalists is driven by the necessity to enhance the coordination of Campus Journalism.” text=”Politicians have looked weak in the face of such natural disaster, with many facing criticism from local residents for doing little more than turning up as “flood tourists” at the site of disasters, incapable of helping those in crisis and only there for a photo.”

Mission / Vision

The association is a virile platform where campus journalists exchange journalistic and intellectual ideas with a view to producing campus journalists that know their onions whilst strategically repositioning campus journalism towards sustainable professionalism and raising exemplary, notable and reputable media personnel.

What does the organization do?

The association will educate, enlighten, inform and entertain the members of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti community. The association also cooperate with media outfit within and outside the university community in as much as the aims of such outfits are not contrary to the ethics of journalism.

Opportunities for Youths

The association provides for her members opportunities encompassing; platform to effectively practise journalism on campus, organises lectures, workshops, training’s, visitation to media houses, opportunities of developing and strategically repositioning and inculcating exemplary leadership…


The Union of Campus Journalists, Federal University Oye-Ekiti is targeted towards the youths, students and campus journalists in Nigeria and the world at large. The Union membership is absolutely open to all interested Federal University Oye-Ekiti students.

In conclusion, in Nigeria the Union of Campus Journalists has produced students, who had gone ahead to work for prolific media outfits in the country, such as Premium Times, TheNation, CableNews, Naij e.t.c.

All these, will be surely achieved with the the cooperation, determination and the courage to resist pressure. We can make FUOYE a better institution together.

The association at large use this medium to appreciate and anticipate for your unending support.