Feature: What is Hult Prize, FUOYE?

By Precious Ewuji

During an interview with UCJ FUOYE, Seyi Babalola, the campus director of Hult Prize, Federal University Oye-Ekiti shed light on what Hult Prize is. Also known as Seyi Babs, he spoke about the Hult Prize 2020 Challenge in FUOYE, the upcoming Hult Prize event as well as things to look out for in the coming days. Enjoy!

UCJ FUOYE: Can we meet you?

I am Seyi Babs, a social entrepreneur, a 300 level student of Mechanical Engineering, and HultPrize FUOYE Campus Director, for the 2020/2021 session.

UCJ FUOYE: What is Hult Prize all about? 

In simple words, the HultPrize is a social change vehicle, that uses its yearly competition to drive innovations that solve the world’s most pressing issues.

UCJ FUOYE: Can you give us a brief history of the Hult Prize, FUOYE?* 
The Hult Prize in FUOYE started last year when a group of Engineering undergraduates came together to apply.

Luckily, we got to the Regionals but did not win.
Subsequently, in August 2020, we decided to form a community on campus.

UCJ FUOYE: So, how has Hult Prize 2020 been so far in FUOYE?

So far, in sincerity, it’s been tough but the Hult Prize is a challenge, so we are up for it. 

UCJ FUOYE: Who picks out the theme for each event? 

The Hult Prize International.

UCJ FUOYE: How is the preparation for the upcoming event “Food For Good” turning out? 

 Well, we are almost here. It has been great.

UCJ FUOYE: Will the paradigm shift from physical pitch to virtual event affect the program?

Well you know, it always does.
It will. But we are giving it our best shot.

UCJ FUOYE: All right. What has been the most challenging thing so far? 
Getting sponsorship.

UCJ FUOYE: What has been the most memorable thing so far?

Well, we pulled a long list of stellar mentors. That has been our greatest achievement thus far.

UCJ FUOYE: What’s in for the winners? What’s next for them?

The winners on campus would represent us at the Regionals. That’s next. That’s in for them.

UCJ FUOYE: What should we expect from this year’s edition of Hult Prize, FUOYE?

We expect to go for gold. Expect that too!

UCJ FUOYE: How well did FUOYE students respond to the Hult Prize this year? What motivated them to respond?

We have built a community of 200 plus members. I think that is a good rate for a maiden edition.

The following factors made this possible; the first is our shine at Abuja Regionals this year. The second factor is the Coronavirus that made people understand the place of entrepreneurship.

Thirdly, effective marketing was done by all executives, faculty, and departmental presidents as well as stakeholders on campus.

UCJ FUOYE: What stage is the challenge in?

On-campus, right now, there is the regional level and the finals. The regional level will take place between March and April 2021 while the finals will take place in July 2021.

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