FUOYESU Leadership, Stakeholders Hold Joint Consultative Meeting

By Peace Oladipo

On Friday, 4th February, 2022, the stakeholders of Federal University Oye-Ekiti Student Union held a joint consultative meeting at the Faculty of Arts Pavilion.

The meeting which commenced at exactly 3:40 pm had in attendance the Students’ Union Executive Council, Students’ Union Senate Council, Students’ Union Judicial Council, faculty presidents, faculty speakers, departmental presidents and hall of residence presidents. 

The President of the Union, Teslim Salahudeen started the meeting with the issue of exuberant faculty/department fees. He condemned the cases of extortion from students in order to give “some percentage” to academic staff of the faculty or department. 

“Protect your integrity and let people know you for good”, he said.

The FUOYESU President, Salahudeen Teslim addresses the stakeholders at the Joint Consultative Forum

Teslim implored the student leaders to make use of the second phase of their administration positively so as to leave a legacy. “Go and achieve beyond grammar and paper works”, he stated.

He highlighted the matters Arising; The 1st Anniversary of the University Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Abayomi Fasina), launch of the SUG building, sports festival, and SUG week amongst others. 

He noted that the image of the school should be protected positively. He also described the forthcoming Students’ Union week as a major tool to promote the University in the media. 

“National personalities shall be invited and the event will be made to suit the contemporary style just like a few other universities do,” he asserted.

After this, he yielded the floor for complaints and requests.

Comrade Stephen, a student from Ikole raised a motion that the Ikole students should also be made involved in the SUG week activities. He said, “overtime, activities are only done here at Oye. Even if it is just an activity where people from Oye will come en masse to Ikole campus.”

Representatives from Ikole Campus jointly complained about the issue of insecurity, transportation and road construction to the Faculty of Agriculture.

“Certificate delay! Help us to beg the Vice Chancellor so that the certificate delay won’t deny us of opportunities. The set graduating in three months will also join the queue of those without certificates. Collection of transcript should also be facilitated on time”, a comrade moaned.

The president of English and Literary Studies, Abraham Adikpe complained about the semester being too short and the reality of lecturers skipping classes makes it easy for students to fail. 

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“Imagine 47 final year students having an F in a course. Considering a course like mine (ELS), in a semester we have about 60 books to read of which we can’t cover within a short period,” he lamented.

In response to the ELS President, Teslim said, “Such a lecturer should be punished, definitely, he doesn’t know what to do. The students have a say on who their lecturers are.”

He went further to ask the student leaders to handle matters legally and diplomatically by taking responsibility and speaking up.

After addressing comments about the administration being led by Teslim Salahudeen, the meeting was adjourned.

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