Students’ Representative Council Holds Fifth Sitting, Reinstates Executive Positions

By Muktar Balogun

The Students’ Representative Council of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti Students’ Union has held the fifth official sitting of the House.

The sitting was held on Wednesday, 14th of July, 2021 at the Old Faculty of Education building in Oye Campus.

For the day’s sitting, the agenda included the constitution review committee (CRC) recommendation, deliberation on the CRC report, approval of the amended constitution, presentation and reading of bills, committee report budget and any other discussion of the day.

The sitting which started late, some minutes after 11:00AM, began with the reading of the fourth sitting’s minutes by the Clerk of the House, Sen. Oladokun Emmanuel.

The constitution review committee Chairman, Sen. Azeez Elijah was absent, and Sen. Awemokhe Emmanuel served as the acting chairman of the committee. He thereby read the constitution to the house upon which deliberations and suggestions were made.

Recall that the CRC had earlier moved to scrap the Transport Secretary and Treasurer positions. The positions have, however, been reinstated upon the deliberation of the House.

A suggestion was made by Sen. Yakub Dolapo, a representative of Faculty of Arts, to retain the position of the Transport Secretary on the basis of transport struggles on campus.

After much deliberation among the senators, the House settled on the reinstating of the Treasurer and Transport Secretary positions.

Much time was spent on the suggestion of the Senate Speaker, Adebisi Segun who suggested that both campuses of the University have a Vice President each while the position of the President be thrown open to both campuses.

Sen. Adeleke Timilehin and Sen. Gbenga Olaleye also suggested that the Presidency position be thrown open to both campuses.

However, Sen. Bakare Akinkunmi and Sen. Oladokun Emmanuel were among the senators who opposed the suggestion and suggested the zoning of the Presidency position.

During the deliberation, Sen. Adufe Emmanuel urged his fellow senators to have an open mind and avoid sentiments in the deliberation.

The House went on a 30 minutes recess after over two hours deliberation. Upon resumption of sitting, the Senate Speaker suggested that the issue of Presidency zoning be suspended.

He further stated that consultations will be made on the matter.

Deliberations were also made on the judicial arm of the Students Union and the senate council composition.

As the night draws near, Sen. Ife from the Faculty of Science raised a motion for the adjournment of the sitting which was seconded by Sen. Oluwafemi.

The Senate Speaker encouraged the senators to go through the recommended constitution by the CRC. “Please, let’s all go and read the recommended constitution at our convenience,” he advised.

The sitting was thereby adjourned till further notice at 6:37 pm.

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