UCJ FUOYE Alumnus Graduates with First-class, Emerges Faculty Best at Convocation

By Timothy Oyegoke

In the combined convocation ceremony of Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) that took place on December 18th, 2021, Oluwapelumi Oginni was announced the best graduating student in the Faculty of Arts.

Doubling as the best student in the department of English and Literary Studies with a CGPA of 4.71, she revealed how she was able to achieve the feat, in an exclusive interview with UCJ FUOYE.

When she got admitted in 2016, Oluwapelumi, like many fresh students, was naive and hoped to get settled in her newly found path. She came into the university with the intention to do well and not waste time as an undergraduate.

However, “I did not have this special determination of becoming the best graduating student in the department not to talk of the faculty,” she told UCJ FUOYE.

Like other successful scholars, Oluwapelumi Oginni believed that having good grades hinges on studying well and consistently.

“For every lecture, I make sure I am attentive as much as I can. That way I get a grasp of everything being discussed. This gives me the chance of devoting more of my time on reading the prescribed literary texts before examination.”

Unlike other students who have specific time for reading, she did not have a number of hours for studying. “The longest hours I have used reading while on campus was 12hours,” she noted.

Beyond hard work, the happy Oluwapelumi connected her success to “the grace of God” saying: “If I should say it is because I read or because I am focused or because I am determined, many other people put in their best, too. So in summary, I will say I am a testimony of someone God decided to help.”

Oluwapelumi Oginni

While speaking to UCJ FUOYE, Oluwapelumi Oginni listed unstable power supply; constant group works, presentations, assignments with little submission timeline as the major challenges she faced. She also mentioned her extracurricular involvement as an executive member of the Union of Campus Journalists, Federal University Oye-Ekiti (UCJ FUOYE), and the students’ fellowship she attended as activities she had to balance up with her academics, at some point.

“I was able to plan my time well so that one will not affect the other,” she further established.

In view of the common disturbances that intelligent ladies encounter from young men on campus, Oluwapelumi Oginni, nonetheless, was “able to manage” her relationship with male students on campus.

When asked if she feared graduating with a first class, she said: “All I told myself was that I must try all my possible best to do well. So, when I got to that point, I was just being optimistic that I just need to keep doing well, and all will be well.”

The best graduating student, Oluwapelumi Oginni, could not contain her joy as she eventually graduated with a first class. “It feels really good. I feel fulfilled, and I feel I can do more. I feel really happy that eventually, it worth all the stress and sacrifices made,” she expressed her joy.

Disclosing her future plans, she said “I want to further my studies and get to the point of my career, God helping me”.

She concluded by encouraging students “to be intentional about anything they do, and be disciplined enough”.

“There will always be distractions here and there. There will always be frustrations, there will always be down moments. However, in all, keep your heads straight and let that end result motivate you. If I could do it, then anyone can.”

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